Sunday, December 12, 2010

Took long enough but they are finally done!

I love the sinuous lines of these socks!
If only I could knit faster!

Monday, May 31, 2010

I was going to post a photo of my progress on The Sock. I spent Saturday afternoon chugging along, doing the heel flap, turning the heel..... and noticing that the heel pocket was strangely off center. This, after having to rip back many rows when my needle slipped out of my stitches and picking them up again proved to be rather problematic due to the very splitty nature of this yarn.

Anyhoo, I rip it all back (again) to the beginning of the heel shaping, clucking my tongue at sock pattern writers who can't get long division correct - after all, how hard is it to figure out 50% of 36 stitches? I was just about to "correct" the pattern when the horror of it all struck me: before starting the heel flap, three stitches were to be switched from one needle to the other (I am using the Magic Loop), and those 36 stitches were to form the INSTEP - I had used them for the heel flap! %^$&#&^@%^%^ there went an entire afternoon's work. Arg! I could barely stop myself from throwing the darn thing in the lake and starting something else, but I restrained myself.

I am finally back to where I was two days ago, and if all goes well, will be turning the heel tomorrow on the bus to work. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspired by the Harlot's sock photography, I offer my own WIP nestled in a bed of what could be greener grass, Pattern: Spring Forward, yarn: not sure!
I have got to devise a system that lets me know the name of the yarn I am knitting with - once the ballband goes, and it usually goes quite early in the process, my memory of what it was goes with it.
This pattern has to be done in a solid yarn or a pastel-hued handpaint. I did it in a beautiful jewel-tone handpaint and it could have been all in stockinette, for all that the pattern was visible. I love the way the pattern makes those sinuous curves and I wanted them to show, so I am knitting the pattern again. Still, it doesn't pop the way I would like it to. The yarn needs more twist. I bet this pattern would like great in some STR. Should I dig through the stash and knit this pattern a third time? For a knitter with pronounced second sock syndrome, this would be an achievement indeed!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I hate Christmas

Not a particularly original nor shocking statement. It's fashionable to hate the holidays. As much as I hate following fashion, in this particular area, I can't help myself.

Every year, the approach of Christmas makes me remember all the family and friends that I no longer have, and never will have again. Once you get to a certain age, especially when you are so much younger than most of your family, the way I am, Christmas becomes an increasingly empty table, until there is hardly anyone left. And rather than being thankful for the few who are left, I mourn for the ones that are gone. What can I say? I'm perverse that way.

Sure, lots of people in the world have it worse than I do. But, honestly, if feeling grateful for someone else's misfortune is the only way I can feel jolly this time of year, it's just not worth it.

It's not like the empty chairs miraculously fill up after Christmas, those people are gone for good. And for the rest of the year, that's no big deal. But somehow, the advent of Christmas makes it a big deal, and that's why I hate it.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Friends in High Places

Justice Rothstein (see photo below) has been named to the Supreme Court of Canada - now I can *really* name drop!

I'm knitting a top down short sleeve pullover (left). I received the kit as a present from my knit buddy Richard, bless'm. It's from Shelridge Farms. The yarn is unbelieveable - soft, elastic, fabulous stitch definition. It really satisfies my cravings.

That's not me in the photo - that's the owner of Shelridge Farms! But the top is turning out exactly as in the photo - I'm almost halfway. Once I figure out how, I'll post photos of my progress.

I can't praise this yarn or pattern enough. I just ordered 6 skeins of their DK yarn to make a cardigan for the office. I can't wait to get it.

Check them out at
They are a small Canadian farm - the price is right and the yarns are gorgeous. I might try to visit in person this summer.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Late last night I ordered far too much yarn from as well as the pattern for Faina's scarf. I intend to make the scarf in three different colours of Austermann Peru (70% Baby Alpaca/ 30% Fine Merino Wool). I hope I like it because otherwise I'm just adding to my stash - not that my stash needs any additions!

And not like I have any time to knit the scarves. I'm in the the middle of knitting a Dale baby outfit (sweater, pants, socks, hat, the whole nine yards) for a baby that's due in December. The yarn I'm using is Bernat's "Hot Sox", an inexpensive arcylic. Using Dale yarn is completely beyond my budget and I couldn't find any cheaper alternatives in crimison and white. My LYS was totally out of Jawoll and Invicta. I bought the Hot Sox on line at -- for less than $40 including shipping - a true bargain! The yarn itself is nothing to write home about - it's 60% acrylic/40% nylon and feels kind of dry between my fingers. But it looks great, it will wash like a charm and it should soften up after a few washes. Besides, it's really hard to find fingering weight acrylic yarn.

That's me on the right, with Justice Marshall Rothstein of the Federal Court of Appeal in the center. Christine Ball is on the left. Posted by Picasa