Monday, May 31, 2010

I was going to post a photo of my progress on The Sock. I spent Saturday afternoon chugging along, doing the heel flap, turning the heel..... and noticing that the heel pocket was strangely off center. This, after having to rip back many rows when my needle slipped out of my stitches and picking them up again proved to be rather problematic due to the very splitty nature of this yarn.

Anyhoo, I rip it all back (again) to the beginning of the heel shaping, clucking my tongue at sock pattern writers who can't get long division correct - after all, how hard is it to figure out 50% of 36 stitches? I was just about to "correct" the pattern when the horror of it all struck me: before starting the heel flap, three stitches were to be switched from one needle to the other (I am using the Magic Loop), and those 36 stitches were to form the INSTEP - I had used them for the heel flap! %^$&#&^@%^%^ there went an entire afternoon's work. Arg! I could barely stop myself from throwing the darn thing in the lake and starting something else, but I restrained myself.

I am finally back to where I was two days ago, and if all goes well, will be turning the heel tomorrow on the bus to work. Wish me luck!