Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspired by the Harlot's sock photography, I offer my own WIP nestled in a bed of what could be greener grass, Pattern: Spring Forward, yarn: not sure!
I have got to devise a system that lets me know the name of the yarn I am knitting with - once the ballband goes, and it usually goes quite early in the process, my memory of what it was goes with it.
This pattern has to be done in a solid yarn or a pastel-hued handpaint. I did it in a beautiful jewel-tone handpaint and it could have been all in stockinette, for all that the pattern was visible. I love the way the pattern makes those sinuous curves and I wanted them to show, so I am knitting the pattern again. Still, it doesn't pop the way I would like it to. The yarn needs more twist. I bet this pattern would like great in some STR. Should I dig through the stash and knit this pattern a third time? For a knitter with pronounced second sock syndrome, this would be an achievement indeed!